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Dr. Natasha DeSousa joins prestigious emergency leadership program


Dr. Natasha DeSousa, Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace, BC
Dr. Natasha DeSousa, Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace, BC

Dr. Natasha DeSousa, an emergency-room physician in Terrace, BC, was recently selected as a fellow in the University of British Columbia (UBC) – Brigham and Women’s Hospital Emergency Leadership Fellowship program.

According to a UBC press release, the aim of the fellowship is “to develop healthcare leaders from BC who will become experts in emergency care delivery both at the institutional and system or regional levels through a combination of practice, financial and management education, collaboration, and personal development.”

Dr. DeSousa says her motivation for applying for the fellowship was to study an amazing curriculum and to gain a better sense of emergency department issues. She says she feels as though every issue ends up in the emergency department, and she wants to focus on how to work collaboratively to address this. She looks forward to learning best practices in supporting rural and urban emergency.

Dr. DeSousa has worked in emergency medicine for over a decade and has held a variety of leadership roles, including Chief of Staff at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace. She is committed to systems-understanding, wider-lens thinking, and continuous self-improvement. This fellowship will enable further development of her leadership skills in working with a host of stakeholders at the local, regional, and provincial levels. Terrace is in the final building stages of a new hospital - double the size of the current one with the expansion bringing increased regional acute care responsibilities. This fellowship will strengthen Dr. DeSousa’s knowledge and leadership skills, and she hopes her journey will also help promote recruitment and retention.

Congratulations to Dr. DeSousa on receiving this prestigious fellowship -- enjoy the leadership learning!