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COVID-19 rapid antigen tests now in use at many Northern Health testing sites


rapid antigen testing graphic

Rapid COVID-19 tests (rapid antigen tests) are now available as take-home kits at some Northern Health testing centres for people with symptoms, in addition to PCR testing. The type of test a person receives will be based on their symptoms and risk factors. Here’s some info that you need to know:

  1. Those seeking testing should start by filling out the NH COVID-19 Test Booking Form, calling the Northern Health Virtual Primary & Community Care Clinic, or contacting their health care provider, and then they will be directed to a testing centre for either PCR testing, or to pick up a rapid test for home use, based on their symptoms and risk. 
  2. All rapid antigen tests used in BC have been scientifically validated and are safe and effective in detecting COVID-19, particularly among those who are symptomatic.
  3. Those who receive a rapid antigen test are provided with instructions for self-reporting a positive result, self-isolation, managing symptoms, and notifying their contacts. They do not require additional testing to confirm their test result.
  4. We want to remind people COVID-19 testing is not recommended if you have no symptoms, or if you have mild symptoms, are fully vaccinated, and can manage your illness at home. 
  5. People without symptoms who require testing for travel purposes can find a private test site here (on the BCCDC site). 

For more direction on using rapid tests, contact tracing and what to do after testing positive, visit the BCCDC - Rapid antigen testing for COVID-19.

Northern Health appreciates the continued cooperation, patience, and support of our Northern BC communities! And we want to extend our sincere thanks to our staff providing testing services.