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Connecting with a registered dietitian in Northern BC


Dietitian sits and shows client resources.
Dietitian support comes in many forms in Northern BC.

Dietitians are essential members of the health care team and provide nutrition care to people of any age based on their individual health needs. They work in various areas within Northern Health, including clinical care, chronic disease management, food services, long-term care, and public and population health. They are members of an accredited profession, and in the province of BC, they are regulated by the College of Dietitians of BC (CDBC).

Where can I find a dietitian in Northern BC?

If you’ve ever thought about connecting with a dietitian to support you own or your family’s nutritional needs, and you live in Northern BC, you have a few options:

  • HealthLink BC (8-1-1): HealthLink BC provides access to registered dietitians Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm  Pacific time, or you can send them an email. In addition to dietitians who answer questions about adult and child nutrition, they have dietitians who specialize in food allergies and cancer care.
  • Public health care services: Your BC Medical Services Plan covers this cost, in the same way that the cost of going to your family doctor is covered. Northern Health has primary care/outpatient dietitians for many communities. Speak to your health care team about your options. You can also access the Northern Health Nutrition and Dietitian Services webpage, which lists dietitian services in or near your community. For support with eating disorders, you can work with the dietitian in your community; as well, you can get support through the Regional Eating Disorders Clinic.
  • The Northern Health Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP): If you work for Northern Health (NH) you can register with TELUS health. This program provides several different services, including access to a registered dietitian. If you don’t work for NH, check with your employer to see if you have access to a dietitian through your employee support program.
  • Private practice registered dietitians: Just as you can access private physiotherapists or chiropractors, you can access private dietitians. The BC Dietitian Directory provides a complete list. You can search for dietitians by geographic location or by practice areas such as diabetes, vegetarian, sports nutrition, etc. Private practice dietitians require private pay, but you may have extended benefits that will cover all or part of this cost. Call your providers (e.g., Pacific Blue Cross, Sun Life, etc.) to see if your plan provides coverage.


I’m having a difficult time getting in to see a dietitian in my community. Why is this happening?

At this time, NH is actively recruiting to fill a number of dietitian positions. We are working to solve these challenges. One way you can help is by encouraging young people to get into the profession! Have them reach out to a dietitian in Northern Health for more information about this dynamic and rewarding profession.

Can I use an online platform to see a dietitian who lives in another province or country?

Dietitians who work virtually or in person with people who live in BC, are required to be registered with the College of Dietitians of BC (CDBC). Therefore, if you contact a dietitian in another province or country, they may decline to work with you. If they work with you without being registered with CDBC, you would not be able to bring any concerns about their  professional practice to the CDBC, and they may not be covered by any extended benefits plans. Check the public register on the CDBC website to ensure your practitioner is licensed to practice in BC.