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Community resilience during COVID-19


A whale's fin breaches water, a rocky point is in the background.
In Queen Charlotte, Charlotte’s Wellness Helpers check in by phone with residents on a weekly basis to find out if people need support, and to make connections with local resources. (Photo credit: Vince Terstappen)

Small, remote communities across British Columbia and Canada are coming up with innovative, community-based solutions to respond to the challenges emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. These initiatives work to ensure community residents – especially those who are more vulnerable – stay connected and supported during these challenging times.

Stories of community resilience during COVID-19

Municipalities around the world are using their resources for temporary lane and road closures to support safe physical distancing, and to promote active transportation. The Province of BC has released resources to help BC municipalities to do the same.

Have you heard of other community stories?

If you know of other Northern BC communities that are responding to COVID-19 related challenges with innovative, community-based solutions, we’d love to share these stories! Email them to healthycommunities@northernhealth.ca.