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99-year old Prince George resident shares Christmas cheer with the Canadian Armed Forces


An elderly woman writes a Christmas card.
Beth Coates, a resident at Rainbow Lodge, writing cards to people in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Every year, Beth Coates, a resident at Rainbow Lodge in Prince George, writes Christmas cards to friends and family—but this year, she’s branching out.

“There’s certain people over the years [that you meet], and the idea is to keep in touch once a year,” says Beth.

Earlier this year, one of the health care workers at the lodge suggested Beth also write Christmas cards to people serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, and she enthusiastically jumped on board!

Beth can relate to the lifestyle of the Canada’s service men and women.

“Over the years, I’ve moved around a lot,” says Beth. “You like to hear from people once a year at least.”

The Christmas cards will be sent through a deployment centre to the Canadian Armed Forces in the Middle East.

On December 6, Beth and her family celebrated her 99th birthday in Prince George. She’s lived in Prince George since 1958, when she moved here with her husband.

And what was her advice to me when I commented that she’s lived a long and wonderful life?

"As long as you have something that you're interested in, I think it's worth hanging on to."