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2022 Jago Award Winner: Respect


Woman with long curly hair smiles toward camera.
Stacey Pickering, regional manager of Student Practice Education and the recipient of two Jago Awards (Respect and Innovation)

Northern Health (NH) strives to make our values – empathy, respect, collaboration, and innovation – the core of what we do every day.

The Dr. Charles Jago Awards, named after our former Board Chair, acknowledge and celebrate the NH staff, physicians, and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the organizational goals, reflecting our values in the process.

The recipient under the “Respect” category for 2022 is Stacey Pickering, Regional Manager of Student Practice Education.

Ibolya Agoston (Regional Director of Education and Training) said this about Stacey:

“Although Stacey Pickering has been in her role for a short period of time, her guidance and leadership on student practice issues has contributed to strengthening the relationship and communication pathways between the School of Health Sciences and Northern Health. All in all, Stacey is an effective leader who possesses excellent communication skills and demonstrates empathetic understanding and leadership on issues pertaining to student practice.”

Cormac Hikisch (Health Service Administrator, Northwest) also added:

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Stacey closely over this past year, both of us taking a lead role on a unique regional project exploring improving support for Northern Health managers. Stacey has been tireless in her efforts to plan, problem solve, and set up the project deliverables and process for success. More importantly, she has a profound way to meaningfully connect with her coworkers and colleagues, across diverse backgrounds and organizational hierarchies.  

Her approach makes us feel comfortable, heard, and respected. She genuinely cares about team members’ input and shows empathy and understanding in a way that makes each person feel heard. She’s not afraid to pick up the loose thread in a conversation or idea and seamlessly build on the momentum while making everyone feel they have contributed. She’s punctual, shows follow through, and initiative. She somehow maintains calm and composure amongst shifting priorities and direction. This is a fitting nomination for a Northern Health star.”

Stacey Pickering was selected for not only one, but two Jago Awards this year, being part of the Leadership Development team who was recognized under the category of “Innovation.”

Congratulations Stacey on your awards (plural!) and thank you for your continued hard work and dedication!