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2020 Jago Award winners: Collaboration


Four women and one man sit around a conference table in an office.
The Northwest Operating Room managers (L-R): Kia Beertema, Diane Hess, Edwin Empinado, Shelley Bondy, and Elena Raykov.

Northern Health (NH) strives to make our values – empathy, respect, collaboration, and innovation – the core of what we do every day.

The Dr. Charles Jago Awards, named after our former board chair, acknowledge and celebrate the NH staff, physicians, and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the organizational goals, reflecting our values in the process.

The winner under the “Collaboration” category for 2020 is the team of Northwest Operating Room managers:

  • Shelley Bondy – Prince Rupert Regional Hospital
  • Diane Hess – Mills Memorial Hospital
  • Edwin Empinado – Kitimat General Hospital
  • Kia Beertema – Wrinch Memorial Hospital
  • Elena Raykov – Bulkley Valley District Hospital

Jeanette Foreman, the quality improvement lead for the Quality and Innovation department, nominated the team and says:

“The Northwest Operating Room Managers demonstrate open and trusting relationships and engage whole-heartedly in collaboration across their sites and with regional support teams to optimize care. They share their successes and challenges, as well as their ideas for improvement. They even share supplies across sites! 

“They show exemplary willingness to solve challenges in service delivery, steward health care resources, and engage their team members in daily care and improvement work to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. They work tirelessly, demonstrating the values of respect and innovation as well as collaboration.”

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for being the embodiment of Northern Health values!