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Toxic drug alert: Prince George

Northern Health & First Nations Health Authority
Health Alert

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There has been an increase in overdoses in Prince George. Overdoses have been linked to injecting and smoking unknown substances requiring a higher number of Naloxone dosages to reverse. With colder temperatures, the risk of overdose can increase due to isolation and decreased tolerance due to the impacts of cold weather on the body. Identify safe locations to use, such as a local OPS or with a friend.

A warming shelter can be found at:

  • House of Friendship – 138 George Street from 7 am until midnight
  • BC Schizophrenia Society – 1131 6th Ave from 9 am to 6 pm, Tuesday to Friday
  • Prince George Public Library - 888 Canada Games Way, open at 10 am, Monday to Saturday

An overnight shelter can be found at:

  • Active Support Against Poverty – 11866 6th Ave, 30 beds, 250-563-6112
  • Association Advocating for Women and Community – 144 George Street, 30 beds, 250-562-6262
  • Prince George Native Friendship Centre – 140 George Street, 21 beds (19+ males), 250-563-1982
  • Prince George Native Friendship Centre – 1151 2nd Avenue, 30 beds (all clients 19+), 250-563-0895

Take care, drugs move throughout the North, please share this alert widely. We have included safety recommendations below.

For your safety

  • Get overdose prevention, recognition, and response training; carry naloxone
  • Try not to use alone. Make a plan and tell a buddy who can call for help if needed
  • If you plan to use alone, use the Lifeguard or BeSafe app available free on the app store or on Toward the Heart website
  • Know your tolerance. If you are sick or had a time of abstinence or reduced use, use much less
  • When possible, avoid mixing drugs or mixing drugs with alcohol
  • Test a small amount first, start low and go slow
  • Use in an Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) if possible (see Prince George locations listed below)
  • Get your drugs checked at Two Doors Down (Hours: 4 days a week, 1 pm to 9 pm, Wednesday through Saturday. Closed Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays)
  • Call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number right away if someone overdoses

Local overdose prevention site (OPS)

  • Two Doors Down, 1126 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC
    Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 5 pm to 9 pm
  • Northern Health Needle Exchange and Harm Reduction Clinic (OPS/APP), 277 George St, Prince George, BC
    Hours: Monday to Saturday, 1 pm to 6 pm

Alert expires: January 24, 2024