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COVID-19 – Outbreak declared at Wrinch Memorial Hospital

Northern Health
Information Bulletin

Northern Health Medical Health Officers have declared a COVID-19 outbreak at Wrinch Memorial Hospital in Hazelton, following lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 among patients on the acute care and long-term care units.

Four patients have tested positive for COVID-19 in association with the outbreak, and monitoring and testing is underway to identify any additional cases among patients and staff.

Enhanced outbreak control measures are in place at Wrinch Memorial Hospital. The facility is taking steps to protect the health of staff and those they care for, with enhanced outbreak precautions such as (but not limited to):

  • Increased focus on cleaning and infection control measures
  • Enhanced symptom monitoring among all staff and patients
  • Restricting to essential visitors only
  • Pause on group activities for long-stay patients

Public health officials will be monitoring the situation carefully over coming weeks and will only declare the outbreak over when they are confident that chains of transmission have been stopped.

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